schelling point


02.17.2022 / DENVER, CO

@ the SportsCastle
(ETHDenver Venue)

The Event

We reject the doomerism left to us by the legacy generations & legacy institutions
We believe that Ethereum is a schelling point for the hopeful & we have come together to build a better world.
Our weapon of choice is novel mechanism design deployed to decentralized blockchain networks.

By co-creating this schelling point, we will reconnect with why we're *actually here* & accelerate these narratives:
coordination technology,
regenerative economic experiments,
radical markets,
solarpunk lore,
& the many fruits of public goods.

Celebrate our collective possibility by joining us for this one-day educational event:

(or join the telegram)


  • Vitalik Buterin

    Level 99 Warlock (Founder, Ethereum)

  • Austin Griffith

    Bowtie Craftsman (Founder, BuildGuild)

  • Jonathan Mann

    Troubadour (Emcee + Musical Guest)

  • David Hoffman

    Town Crier (Founder, Bankless)

  • Nathan Schneider

    Scribe(Professor, CU)

  • Vivek Singh

    Communitarian(Founder, KERNEL)

  • Kevin Owocki

    Lead Colorado Shill(Citizen, GitcoinDAO)

  • Santi Siri

    Sage(Founder, Proof Of Humanity)

  • Cooper Turley

    Web3 Prince(Fire Eyes DAO)

  • Gloria Kimbwala

    DAO Cartographer (Gitcoin Virtual Events)

  • Griff Green

    Seer (Founder, Commons Stack + Giveth)

  • Karl Floersch

    Chaos Mage (Founder, Optimism)

  • Auryn Macmillan

    Seer of Truth (Founder, CLR.Fund)

  • Abbey Titcomb

    Communitarian(Community Lead @ Radicle)

  • Juan Benet

    Chaos Mage (Founder, Protocol Labs)

  • Loie

    Empath Mage (DAO People Ops Guru)

  • @meta_dreamer

    Founder, MetaFactory

  • Simona Pop

    Person of Interest

  • @tracheopteryx

    Founder, CoordinAPE

  • Shreyas Hariharan

    Founder, LLamas

  • Angela Kreitenweis

    Founder, Token Engineering Commons